Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Life is like....

 Driving on a road. The idea came to me when - I was driving, no surprise there.

I would go about writing this structurally, but then again that's not how my mind works.

Firstly, everyone likes to think that they're good drivers (like myself), when they actually are terrible drivers ( life myself). In real life, people go about thinking that what they do is right, and what everyone else is doing "to them" is a terrible and a crime punishable by death by puppies. And rarely, they realize (like myself) that they suck at driving, and not because they don't have the capacity to do so, but because of bad choices and habits. Same thing with real life. We are not incapable of being successful, we have pretty much most of the things that successful people have before they became rich and powerful, our functioning body, and our brain - we just didn't put it into as good a use as them.

People hate getting cut off on the road, or someone that is indecisive on the lane they want to be on, maybe someone that doesn't signal, perhaps someone that's speeding, or going too slow, or talking on the phone, or who cut a red light, or.. the list goes on - but fail to remember that they have done the exact same things before in the past, and may even still be doing it at present (like myself). Applying this to real life, you can look at it from many angles. When people get questions from little kiddies, it takes a real matured mind to understand that to that tiny being, the question might seem quite logical to ask, while to us it sounds real stupid. And they forget, they used to ask the same kinda questions too.

And when people are late, the victim complains and bitches on about "oh my gawd why don't you ever turn up on time...." When they have been late themselves too. People fail to understand that they make the same mistakes you do, FOR THE SAME REASONS TOO, a lot of the time at least. Of course some people do it more than others (like myself) but well, some drivers are worse than others.

And then there is the people in your car, who are most of the time, your family, but as you grow older, it becomes your friends, and then the family that you build. They get on and get off, like in life when people enter and leave, maybe due to disagreements, different destinations or just circumstance. These people you are really close with, and for a time, even if its short, you share the same path and thus at least by proximity, you are closest to them.

And then there are the other people on the road. Most of the time if something happens, lets say an accident, you as a passenger usually side with the people in your car right? An in-group, out-group mentality where the outsiders are always wrong even though your driver clearly went too close...

And on the road there is an etiquette that you have to follow like in real life. And like in real life people don't agree what the rules are. Some people don't like it when someone overtakes them, even though they're slow, and in real life, people with seniority don't like it when someone goes over them from below. Who's wrong, the slow ass or the other?

I would write more but my inspiration has fizzled out for the moment...