Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Its not often that you see kindness in this world, especially from strangers. But I have just had my faith returned to me this morning and this is the story

My car got stuck, how it happened is simply cuz my driving still sucks.

Within a minute, a man, whose name i didn't get, noticed - he was working on the opposite side of the road chopping chickens.

I waved at him for help and soon he had come over with some of his friends, looking at the mess i was in. they tried pushing and soon they gave up and went back. Minutes later, only he came back with a jack and tried to use it to help me out. Cut the story short i got out and started to thank the people involved, even those that just stood there and watched.

Without further ado, he went back to work before i could properly thank him, so i came over and was gonna give him some money for the trouble, but before i could reach my wallet, he refused. So i shook his hand, and thanked him again, and left.

Why are there so few people like this?