Sunday, December 13, 2009

What i hate ; ignorance

What I hate

The anger it brings to me,
The suffering it brings to men,
In fables told, it brings bliss,
In truth it causes amiss.

It is ignorance I speak of,
For I see it free and fro.
In ideal, i wish it gone,
For without ignorance,
We are already free.

This was some poem that i wrote for some assignment, but with a new quote that i read from a really smart man, i have formed a thought! (surprising eh...)

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

-Albert Einstein.

I shit you not, that's what he said.

I believe i have traced all avoidable suffering, that we all bring upon ourselves to one thing, and you have guessed it - IGNORANCE, or to the laymen, stupidity

Just think about it.....
The poor suffer because they do not know the power they have.

That is a form of ignorance right there, and that is also quite a large chunk of human suffering.

The Afghans suffer, because they are mislead by the Taliban into thinking that they serve the will of God.
They are ignorant of what God really wants.

The common people are oppressed by their governments cuz they do not realize how many share their thoughts, and of the power they actually wield.

Ignorance, the only plague other than disease.

Are your relationships superficial?

One of the saddest things i have realized when i sat down to think deep (depressing mostly) thoughts is that most, if not all of my relationships with people in my life is SUPERFICIAL.

By superficial i mean that the "masquerade" is still going on between you and said person. Masquerading means that everything you talk about, and know about each other is just at best on the surface. You talk to each other about the weather, a little about politics, maybe about the latest news on Tiger Woods.... but you don't talk about the real stuff, like your feelings and thoughts about life, deepest wishes, true aspirations, thoughts about god and all....

Just recently, i got slightly drunk after some clubbing, and it was clear as glass to me then, that i should change all that and get real so to say. And by the next morning, as i expected, the notion faded with the buzz, as the usual barrier that stopped me all my life, returns.

People always say things are complicated, and what i realize is that its all quite simple, and that we're just not able to admit to ourselves that we don't have the bloody balls to do something simple.

Imma go try n grow a pair of those right now, and see where that takes me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Its not often that you see kindness in this world, especially from strangers. But I have just had my faith returned to me this morning and this is the story

My car got stuck, how it happened is simply cuz my driving still sucks.

Within a minute, a man, whose name i didn't get, noticed - he was working on the opposite side of the road chopping chickens.

I waved at him for help and soon he had come over with some of his friends, looking at the mess i was in. they tried pushing and soon they gave up and went back. Minutes later, only he came back with a jack and tried to use it to help me out. Cut the story short i got out and started to thank the people involved, even those that just stood there and watched.

Without further ado, he went back to work before i could properly thank him, so i came over and was gonna give him some money for the trouble, but before i could reach my wallet, he refused. So i shook his hand, and thanked him again, and left.

Why are there so few people like this?