Sunday, June 08, 2008


i've watched this show so many times and each and every time it gets me. It's probably one of my favourite movies ever, dunno why. Its about a not-so futuristic world where we are able to make ourselves better through genetic manipulations, before conception or whatever.

I love the quote it gives - There's no Gene for the human spirit.

it shows how with all our imperfections we can exceed what we think as our limits or potentials, how with will alone we can do so much, push our bodies to the edge and over. It strengthens the belief of mind over matter.

The director has managed to create some sort of fantasy world, where perfection, and the pursuit of it is all there is. You can see how the buildings and the infrastructure of the world in the movie somehow makes it seem so empty, so perfect, and beautiful in a sad way.

The story line and all is for you to find out yourself, but here's a taste, the song from the movie

You seriously gotta watch this movie, if u want it you can torrent it at -

if you have no idea what torrenting is, go and google it, if ur too lazy, ask me, i'll find a way to send u the movie, or u can try to catch it on any movie channels you have.

seriously, u gotta watch this shit