Thursday, May 08, 2008

Do you hate people?

Do you hate people? is there anyone in your life that you really hate? when i say hate, i mean despise with all your heart.

Well, for me, i cant really say i've ever HATED someone b4, but dislike maybe, cause there are people who are just that annoying (yes, more than me).

But the next question i wanna ask you is, have u ever wished that something bad would happen to that person? Would you be the cause of that "happening"?

I had no idea about this until i heard of it recently, but it totally changed my views about other people, especially those that i was talking to.

I was just talking with my friends, about crap and all that, wasting air and all. That was when she (yes, a chick) said it - the it would be : "you know, i wish that he will fail"

then with that she added - "well, everyone hates him...." the him, would be one of my classmates, not really a friend, as i do not know him well. He is kinda annoying, noisy and all. but i don't dislike him, its his choice to be as he likes. So when i corrected her on her "everyone" telling her that i don't, in fact, hate him, she went like "well, its only you, cause your a nerd. you ain't got feelings" though that was a joke, the "only you" part was later disproved when i asked another 2 of my friends. The people i was talking to, happened to be girls, and the other friends i happened to ask, were both guys.

Its kinda scary to hear something like that. "i wish he will fail." they didn't say it jokingly like you might think, they were dead serious.

to dislike or hate someone is normal, but to want something bad to happen to them is entirely different, i mean, that's like saying "i wish he would get hit by a car." and i happen to know that the "him" had worked REALLY REALLY hard. he doesn't play computer games (like me), or go to a CC (like me), or go shopping (like some girls i know). He actually studies, and memorizes and studies some more. He treats his books like gold bars (maybe better).

If he were to fail, i would kinda pity him, after working SO hard, much harder than i do.... somehow i didn't think that other people were like that. And they even acted as though it were normal to want others to fail.....

maybe it might be some sort of coincidence that both the people that said "i hope he will fail" are girls, and that the people that do say that they DON'T hate the dude are dudes, but there is the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." maybe there is something scientific about it, but.... well, i'm still in disbelief that people actually hope that bad things happen to each other...