Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is German for "Elfen Song". It is pronounce as Elfen Leed.

Now, I've watched many shows in my lifetime, MANY. I have noticed that some movies are over rated, cheesy, and all that. I was about to give up all hope on the entertainment industry when i stumbled over this show.

It is an animation series, 13 episodes long (or 14, depending on ur views). It was made by Japanese (bloody geniuses) but has an English version.

By my views the show should be for the mature, none of that 18 and above crap, because, maturity is not determined by age but by the ability of the mind to see ALL things.

This show has gore, violence, nudity and lots of blood, and my favorite of all, swearing. Shallow minded people will say that its just a demented show, full of violence, maybe they're right, but it's one of the most deepest shows I've ever seen, and the song "Lilium" is not bad either, for me anyways, so you guys should watch it if you ever find yourself free for like 10 hours.

To get the show, you can buy it, just google "Elfen Lied". Or you can go see the manga, which has a different story line, slightly at the beginning, a lot at the end. OR, you can ask me yourself if you want it for free.

Nearly 4 got... What the hell the show is about... its a gore/violence/DRAMA/some comedic scenes. Its a story about a girl, who lives a life of hell due to the fact that she was 'different'. She has supernatural abilities, and horns on her head, and an instinctive need to kill. the show shows how love and care can conquer all, even self.