Sunday, June 08, 2008


i've watched this show so many times and each and every time it gets me. It's probably one of my favourite movies ever, dunno why. Its about a not-so futuristic world where we are able to make ourselves better through genetic manipulations, before conception or whatever.

I love the quote it gives - There's no Gene for the human spirit.

it shows how with all our imperfections we can exceed what we think as our limits or potentials, how with will alone we can do so much, push our bodies to the edge and over. It strengthens the belief of mind over matter.

The director has managed to create some sort of fantasy world, where perfection, and the pursuit of it is all there is. You can see how the buildings and the infrastructure of the world in the movie somehow makes it seem so empty, so perfect, and beautiful in a sad way.

The story line and all is for you to find out yourself, but here's a taste, the song from the movie

You seriously gotta watch this movie, if u want it you can torrent it at -

if you have no idea what torrenting is, go and google it, if ur too lazy, ask me, i'll find a way to send u the movie, or u can try to catch it on any movie channels you have.

seriously, u gotta watch this shit

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Do you hate people?

Do you hate people? is there anyone in your life that you really hate? when i say hate, i mean despise with all your heart.

Well, for me, i cant really say i've ever HATED someone b4, but dislike maybe, cause there are people who are just that annoying (yes, more than me).

But the next question i wanna ask you is, have u ever wished that something bad would happen to that person? Would you be the cause of that "happening"?

I had no idea about this until i heard of it recently, but it totally changed my views about other people, especially those that i was talking to.

I was just talking with my friends, about crap and all that, wasting air and all. That was when she (yes, a chick) said it - the it would be : "you know, i wish that he will fail"

then with that she added - "well, everyone hates him...." the him, would be one of my classmates, not really a friend, as i do not know him well. He is kinda annoying, noisy and all. but i don't dislike him, its his choice to be as he likes. So when i corrected her on her "everyone" telling her that i don't, in fact, hate him, she went like "well, its only you, cause your a nerd. you ain't got feelings" though that was a joke, the "only you" part was later disproved when i asked another 2 of my friends. The people i was talking to, happened to be girls, and the other friends i happened to ask, were both guys.

Its kinda scary to hear something like that. "i wish he will fail." they didn't say it jokingly like you might think, they were dead serious.

to dislike or hate someone is normal, but to want something bad to happen to them is entirely different, i mean, that's like saying "i wish he would get hit by a car." and i happen to know that the "him" had worked REALLY REALLY hard. he doesn't play computer games (like me), or go to a CC (like me), or go shopping (like some girls i know). He actually studies, and memorizes and studies some more. He treats his books like gold bars (maybe better).

If he were to fail, i would kinda pity him, after working SO hard, much harder than i do.... somehow i didn't think that other people were like that. And they even acted as though it were normal to want others to fail.....

maybe it might be some sort of coincidence that both the people that said "i hope he will fail" are girls, and that the people that do say that they DON'T hate the dude are dudes, but there is the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." maybe there is something scientific about it, but.... well, i'm still in disbelief that people actually hope that bad things happen to each other...

Friday, March 07, 2008


Masturbation - this has been a taboo in society for hundreds of years, but the question is why? Many would dare say that it is a sinful act in the eyes of God. That is not necessarily true. I've have studied the views of experts, Christian and Muslim, and many of them believe that it is not. Mainly because, no where in the Bible or the Quran does it say that masturbation is wrong. No commandment, vision or any form of message from God has said that masturbation is wrong, and any that dare say that there is better be able to back it up.

From my research, I have found that masturbation started becoming a taboo during Victorian times. Parents would force their daughters to wear gloves that made it painful to touch themselves, and their sons to wear restraints that made it painful to have an erection. Why? I'm not sure, I didn't look into it much, for it doesn't really matter, the point im trying to make is that MASTURBATION IS NOT WRONG!!

Even babies below the age of one know how to pleasure themselves sexually, so it is therefore, natural. Morally however, the current society looks down upon it, and anyone that does it feels guilty due to this. So let me clarify for all that there is NO reason whatsoever that it should be wrong. People call those that masturbate "losers", "perverts", and "pathetically lonely". I call those that don't masturbate for belief that it is wrong STUPID IGNORANT MORONS.

Masturbation gives ALL the benefits that a person may get when they have sex, with absolutely NO risks that come with normal sex (pregnancy, HIV, lalala). It releases sexual tension, helps those with insomnia sleep, and releases endorphins, which make you happier.

There has been a reduce is "reported" rape cases (cause some people are too dumb or "embarrassed" to report it) due to pornography and with that, masturbation.

So ANY of you out there that dares say masturbation is wrong, come challenge me with your arguments, i would really like to hear them out, and i would love to be proven wrong.

To add some more, there has been many, many, many myths concerning masturbation:

1) It will make you sterile
WRONG!! - totally wrong, it has been shown in tests that those who masturbate are totally fine, and are possibly better at sex because they have learned more about their bodies than others, or frankly saying, they've have practice.

2)It will melt your brain
WRONG!! again, this is the dumbest bullshit I've ever heard, how does making yourself feel good melt your brain, it should actually be said that if you DON'T masturbate your brain might melt with all that collected tension and stress - that is because masturbation relieves stress and makes u happy (endorphins are fun)

3)it lowers your sperm count -
yup you're right, but that is like, DUH!! but they come back within hours

4)People in relationships don't masturbate
you're right there! MY ASS - they do, sometimes mutually with full mutual knowledge of the fact

5)masturbation stunts your growth
nice try, i masturbate regularly and i'm nearly 6 feet tall.

This is something i found

Are there benefits to masturbation?
Yes. Masturbation can help relieve stress and:
Relieve menstrual cramps
Help for insomnia (i.e. when a person is having trouble falling asleep)
Stimulate the immune system to help build up resistance to common infections.
Release mood elevating hormones
Reduce embarrassing spontaneous erections for teen males
Reduce the number of unwanted wet dreams for young men

Here are the links to my research sources
Scientific view
Christian view
Muslim view

but on the end note i would like to add that there is a too much, please don go wanking off (masturbating la) every chance you get...

These research is not fully conclusive, because what I've read might have been 1 sided. Anyone that finds anything otherwise please post it in a comment. I have heard some arguments from the religious point of view which are quite commanding, but also quite vague. So actually, in the religious point of view its kinda 50%-50%. No one is sure if its right or wrong.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is German for "Elfen Song". It is pronounce as Elfen Leed.

Now, I've watched many shows in my lifetime, MANY. I have noticed that some movies are over rated, cheesy, and all that. I was about to give up all hope on the entertainment industry when i stumbled over this show.

It is an animation series, 13 episodes long (or 14, depending on ur views). It was made by Japanese (bloody geniuses) but has an English version.

By my views the show should be for the mature, none of that 18 and above crap, because, maturity is not determined by age but by the ability of the mind to see ALL things.

This show has gore, violence, nudity and lots of blood, and my favorite of all, swearing. Shallow minded people will say that its just a demented show, full of violence, maybe they're right, but it's one of the most deepest shows I've ever seen, and the song "Lilium" is not bad either, for me anyways, so you guys should watch it if you ever find yourself free for like 10 hours.

To get the show, you can buy it, just google "Elfen Lied". Or you can go see the manga, which has a different story line, slightly at the beginning, a lot at the end. OR, you can ask me yourself if you want it for free.

Nearly 4 got... What the hell the show is about... its a gore/violence/DRAMA/some comedic scenes. Its a story about a girl, who lives a life of hell due to the fact that she was 'different'. She has supernatural abilities, and horns on her head, and an instinctive need to kill. the show shows how love and care can conquer all, even self.