Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sitting down to think

Most of u will ask me, why the hell do u have so much so say? all the ranting about boring politics and stuff you don't know about. Well, i like to listen. If someone speaks nearby, i'm listening, even if i don't wanna. And i like to observe, how people act, their reactions. And then i like to think about it, asking why when where who and all those.

Why dont people do that? just sit down, and think, listen, read, observe, learn. U call me a nerd, that reads a lot. talk about crap even more. Maybe, but what most of you don't know is that MOST people suffer, die, and suffer some more because of .......... ignorance. They DON'T KNOW, and DON'T CARE TO KNOW. People seek medicines, cures, doctors, and all those different assortments of therapists, when all they need is that extra cup of H2O. Why? because they don't know.

Let me give u a simple example. A gal drops her ring into the drain, and it goes into the sewers. Her boyfriend, a gentleman, opens up the sewer grater to go in, and dies on the spot. Why? because he didn't know, that collected is that sewer are poisonous gases. Why? no one told him. During his more than 10 years of schooling, he still didn't know that there is poisonous fumes in the sewers.

But generally, why did he die? Ignorance, he didn't know, and didn't put in any effort to know. So the next time some nerd tell you some sort of scientific fact, listen, if its useful (history is useless, except in movies). It might save your life, and much more.


What makes us different from cavemen? our technology? giving a caveman a Toyota and a core 2 duo comp will not make him any less a cave man. No, its our systems. Logistics. Our ability to use less to do more.

An example of good systems. the US has good system, but lousy voters, i cant believe they would vote for Bush again.... but the US system is good either way. Their law enforcement agencies are good because there are multiple agencies, with different leaders. This is so that if one goes corrupt, the rest will nail him. The presidency, 4 years per election, quite good, but there are of course better, none that i know of, but there must be better.

Is the standardization good? making the systems for the 'many', the multitude, for the 'average' person? Not anymore.Our genetic variations have grown to be extremely different, medication that is good for one could be poisonous for another. So are our minds, our abilities and interests. The Malaysian education is too standardized. I know there are choices, many choices, but not many get to make those choices. The most common streams are science, arts or accounts. Each has their own sets of subjects. This, is not good. The US system (i think) allows the student to choose their own subjects (with a few exceptions). Standardization is not good because the 'average' is just does not blanket us all. The deviations from the average are too many. What can we do about it? Simple

Find a genius, or some sort of smart ass. Heck, get a whole bunch of them. They make a system. The system is judged by the public, and if its acceptable, its accepted. Why doesn't our government do this? because, well, u know what i think.

EDIT- i'm happy that people do read my posts and comment on them.... but it is sometimes difficult to send my message.

When i say "system", it doesn't just mean the transport system, the taxation system. What i mean is the totality, the combinations of ALL our system that forms our everyday lives, the way we think, the way we act, the social ladders, the hierarchies of our society, the whole thing combined forms our life and how we live it.

For example, the cavemen systems. The hierarchy - 1 boss, the rest followers, the dominant male leads all, bigger muscles, bigger chances to be the big man. simple system. but as time went by, we had to improve, or change it, sometimes not for the better.

the most important thing we have to improve now is our education system. I totally believe that it is through our ignorance that we suffer, and the more educated we are, the closer we are to that utopia, that world of enlightenment and stuff...

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Is swearing bad? depends.... I don't mind, as long as you don't really mean it. If u had gone and read my entire blog, i bet your first comment would be: wow, that's a lot of swearing. Fuck yeah. Why do i swear? Well, for me it sounds nicer. It kinda spices up the sentence... but mostly to get peoples attention, because lets face it, if i were to keep on speaking like this, half-heartedly, who's gonna remember what i said? I swear because i care, this way, people know i give a shit about what i'm talking about.

So, swear if you care, say fuck when you stub your toe, curse someone when you fall down and bang your head, just as long as it isn't meant to insult.