Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A poem i wrote

Yes, i write poems, though i don't plan to be a poet in the future. Maybe a part timer, but i like numbers n i'll stick to it.


Carrying canes as thick as my arm,
Homework as heavy as me.
Nagging and lecturing.
But worst of all,

The people of minimum wage,
They rise before the sun,
In hopes of making us see.
We, the naive people.

They talk till their throats dry up,
In hopes of making us listen.
The world’s a stage,
And we are badly rehearsed.

When all is done,
And the lesson is learned.
We will be grateful,

By Soong Kit

Personally, i don't like teachers, but i wrote this for teachers' day.

What I hate

The anger it brings to me,
The suffering it brings to men,
In fables told, it brings bliss,
In truth it causes amiss.

It is ignorance I speak of,
For I see it free and fro.
In ideal, i wish it gone,
For without ignorance,
We are already free. 

By Soong Kit

I would appreciate it if u guys didn't steal this, well, not without my permission anyways.... lol